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Hidden cupboard behind a fireplace

I made this fake fireplace from mdf and a four inch new plastic soil pipe, which was painted to look like stone.

This is totally mobile and is mounted on rubber lined casters,

Faux fireplace with hidden passage, Fake fireplace that looks like stone.
Secret hideaway behind fireplace.

Farrington Park Golf Club

I made the secret fireplace for the golf clubs function room, they needed a place to store chairs and table, rather than put ordinary doors to hide the cupboard, I thought it would be a great idea to build a faux grand fireplace, by mounting it on large casters hidden with in the hearth, the fireplace was easy to move.

Mostly made from of mdf and the straight columns was a length of builder four inch soil pipe, I used jelutong for the base and capitals of the column and turned them on my lath.

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