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The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

I've often thought that I should have a Narnia wardrobe on my secret bookcase door site, after all where else would you go for a magical walk through wardrobe, leading to a secret den or man/woman cave.

This is a wardrobe I made for a client some years ago, this type of wardrobe would make the perfect secret doorway. A lot of my clients commission my bookcase doors to lead to a new extension but imagine if you had a secluded garden to the side of your house, and you had a wardrobe which opened out onto it. Obviously this would be an addition to your main garden as you would want to total access from your main living room or kitchen.

I thought I'd put this out there as I have had a lot of clients who think these secret doors are magical, and I would love to make one for a client and who best to achieve this than the UK's leading secret bookcase door maker.

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